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     Punk Against Putin is a compilation album put together by the band Left Handed Knives that will be released Saturday, May 7th, and is available for preorder now. The album features ten songs from ten bands from Corpus Christi, TX. There are seven, brand new, unreleased songs on the album.


     Punk Against Putin was created from the desire to help the people of Ukraine. All proceeds from the album are being donated to United Help Ukraine a 501(c) organization that provides medical supplies, humanitarian aid, veteran support, and awareness of and about the crisis in Ukraine.


     To support the physical release of this album Left Handed Knives has organized a Punk Against Putin Festival which will include the bands from the album and Ukrainian vendors which will be held at the House of Rock in Corpus Christi, TX on Saturday, May 7th from 2-8:30 pm. All proceeds from this show and the vendors will also be donated to United Help Ukraine.

We are considering doing more volumes that are covering larger regional areas or internationally! If you are interested or know someone that is contact us at

Pre-order by clicking the buttons below!

Album: Punk Against Putin

Release Date: 5/7/2022

Track/Band Listing: *indicates previously unreleased track

  1. New World Disorder – Left Handed Knives*

  2. M80’s – Öldie Häwn*

  3. Don’t Tell Me What To Do – The Reely Rotnz

  4. It’s So Wrong (feat. Tyler from Left Handed Knives) – New Ends*

  5. A Link To The Past – Up Dog*

  6. Grenades – Broken Bottles

  7. Take Sides – Static Affect

  8. Dick-tate-or – Punk Rock Bentley*

  9. When Trash Talk Pays Dividends – Columns*

  10. Monster – Grim Rippers

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